Real Estate

Curtis Bietz has over 14 years of first hand experience in the Arizona housing industry. Curtis has built, sold and purchased many properties. As a builder of custom homes, Curtis not only has the knowledge to walk a home and see the defects or problems prior to any purchases but the ability to look at a proposed site and see through it to a finished project. Curtis is also able to determine true cost and true replacement costs for real estate investors.

With today’s demanding real estate market, good research is necessary. You need to know values, and what kind of a future some property locations will be facing. For example, buying a home that will soon be located next to a four lane road is likely not a customers intention. The lack of foresight in events like those can create problems when trying to sell the property.

The services of a Realtor should not only have a strong sales background but also a thorough knowledge of what they are selling. Curtis' background in construction, civil engineering skills, home and tenant renovation have proven to be a great benefit to his clients and have made him one of the elite in his field.

Curtis holds a Realtors License as an independent contractor under the Brokerage firm of Pro-Formance Realty Concepts.