The Home Building Process

Building a new home is one of the largest and most exciting adventures that most home buyers will undertake. It can also be one of the most daunting. Unique Builders will work with you to develop a breakdown of all necessary phases and provide the guidance that ensures a rewarding adventure for you.

While each home, buyer, and set of circumstances is unique, here are some of the common phases that a custom home building project will entail:

1. Preliminary site inspection and discussion of home design.

2. Home design meeting with draftsmen to create plans.

3. Preliminary cost meeting to determine finishes, doors, tile, stone, and other features of the home.

4. Meeting to review the estimated total cost of construction. Preliminary contracts are signed and the deposit is collected.

5. Design and develop a book that is special for each and every home. This book will spell out every item and finish that will be used in the home. It gives direction and allows contractors to provide accurate bids.

6. Final pre-construction meeting with complete set of plans and complete guide book. This meeting lays out all future phases for construction and the final construction contract is signed.

Changes to construction plan are permitted with a written change order. All change orders must be funded prior to change.

7. Site meetings are held as needed during construction for on-site decision making such as lighting, outlet and jack location, etc.

8. Final walk thru and new home orientation are performed approximately two weeks prior to completion.

At Unique Builders, our goal is to deliver 100% satisfaction together with a great home building experience. Your best interest is always protected, and our integrity is demonstrated through honesty and timely communication.