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Custom Home Remodeling in Arizona

2011-11-28 9:28am
Custom Home Remodeling in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and the Greater Phoenix Area.

Thinking of doing a remodeling job next year??? Thinking of adding or expanding your home with new updated features??? Give us a call and we can help you with all your questions and design process. 602-628-5290 or visit us at

Every project will take some time just to get the bidding process done. Most of our remodels take several months to complete from design to actual enjoyment of the new features.

It is never to early to start the planning process, this process can take a few weeks to get done. First thing is the design or if just replacing the old with new, there still are some steps that need to be completed before just jumping into the building process.

We at Unique Builders sit down and go through all the possible option that are available. We help you plan out your project from kitchen layouts, room sizes, lighting arrangements, plumbing needs, granite and stone selections. This all takes some time if you desire to have your project turn out to be a true master piece and for your job to go smooth.

So, if you are considering doing some kind of a remodeling job, or planning on building New, please give us a call or you can e-mail me with any questions ( Its Free to Ask Questions ) to

Have a wonderful day,